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The 411 on Bad Masonry

I’m no mason by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve done and seen enough to know what’s good and what’s a little questionable.

It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity.

Mahatma Gandhi

I Love Masonry. I don’t really discriminate on materials either; stone, brick, block – it’s all good! Of course my preference is natural stone, but I can’t help but notice projects using masonry, whether good or bad.

One thing I wanted to use my blog for was to help the industry to take a better look at what is good or acceptable. I’ve often said no matter how good you make a product, if the installation is done by someone without proper care and technique it’s not going to end well. It might not even be a problem in the short-term. We’ve had our fair share of projects that look ok to the eye, but the install was not done correctly resulting in long-term problems. In this post I’m highlighting some bad installs I’ve run across in the past year or so, and plan to show more as they come up on my Instagram page. My view is not to point it out because it is bad, but to help educated people on what to look for and why these projects don’t quite fit the bill. Don’t get me wrong – in the world of masonry it truly can be “in the eye of the beholder,” so I’ll try to keep it to the most egregious­čśé! Swipe to see all photos!

In my next masonry blog post I’ll highlight some really great project. Great projects are not just because the work looks good, it is also done right. Maybe you seen or been on a project like that – great flashing work, consistent joints, quality materials. I’d love if you’d share some with me. I’d be glad to include them in my posts.

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